"13 of One" - 2017 - Present

“13 of One” is an ongoing visual project inspired by Julie's experience of Community of Self therapy. Quite some time ago she was experiencing unwanted obsessions with men, the problem was bad enough that she sought out private therapy - this lead on to a referral being made via the NHS.


Her therapy finished in January 2017 however Julie wishes to make this project public in order to raise awareness of mental health issues and the ongoing effects of experiencing and escaping from an abusive relationship.


During the course of the therapy, Julie worked out her value system and then broke her personality down into separate areas (characters) who make up her personality; during the process she identified areas where there is internal conflict and actively worked on her relationship with herself through the use of these characters. Obviously this was done with the help of an experienced therapist and Julie's self explanation of the therapy is from her own point of view and not necessarily how the therapy would be explained by a therapist working in this area.


As a result of the therapy, Julie has identified 13 different characters, these are: Lonely, Serious Artist, Protector, Lazy, Investigator, Addict, Negative, Worrier, Creative, Joker, Hippie, Serious Girlfriend, Healthy.


Julie has begun by constructing small sculptures of each character with his/her own chair; this is a live, ongoing project.....

Creative LAzy Addict