Julie Kilminster

                  Visual Artist

Current City: Leicester


Julie is a visual artist who enjoys working in a variety of media – although sculpture and photography are two of her favourites – she also maintains this website herself and does not pretend to be any sort of web designer.


Her artwork is mainly an extension of herself; it helps her to explore and make sense of the world around her, it also allows her to express her emotions and her internal psychological workings.


Julie finds inspiration in a fair few places; historically she has been inspired by travel, derelict buildings and drains, happenings in the news or simply something she finds visually or emotionally  interesting.


Some years before developing Schizophrenia in 2011, Julie became interested with the idea of psychological space, during her studies at Byam Shaw she created a large, square, hanging structure which was representative of the inner space of the physical body and the space surrounding that body which she saw as both personal space and an aura.


During her final year at De Montfort University, Julie produced a video piece using her pet fish and a Lego structure, this was a video about claustraphobia and the feeling of being confined.


After taking a long time out for health reasons, Julie became a studio holder at Two Queens in June 2017





Instagram: julie_kilminster

Current and upcoming exhibitions:


I have no exhibitions in the pipeline at the moment, please check in again later...                                                

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